The single solution for employee total health on a personal level.

Based on the unique results from real-time sensor wear, this all-in-one health solution creates deep connections and delivers always-relevant content virtually.

Multiple wellbeing programs is a thing of the past.

Improve employee health with one program, solving multiple health conditions.

All you have to do is download our app and tell us what lifestyle and health goals you want to achieve.

Responding to employee needs for a lifetime.

On the BEATdiabetes app, members receive personalized health coaching and a tailored curriculum. With real-time sensor wear results, the app continuously adjusts and provides precise responses based on each member’s body. From weight loss to mental health, menopause support, and diabetes prevention, BEATdiabetes adapts to meet individual needs, ensuring customized support throughout the journey.

BEATdiabetes in action.

One program for everyone.

01 | Marketing

Employees receive a variety of marketing messages (weight loss, diabetes prevention, mental health, behavioral health, stress management, etc).

02 | Signup

As part of the signup employees receive their BEATdiabetes kit at the beginning of the program matching their particular health needs at the given time.

03 | Engagement

Members wear the daily BEATdiabetes Non-invasive Sensor, silently collecting real-time glucose data sent to their health coach for review in virtual meetings.

04 | Content

The coach and technology adapt the app to be relevant to their needs to help them overcome their health issues.

05 | Changes

As members progress and change, their program does too. Ex: weight loss → mental health → prenatal support and beyond.

06 | Results

Members engage with BEATdiabetes to be their healthiest self no matter their circumstances.

Personal health through personal care.

Benefits of health coaching:
Personalization: Sensor allows for content changes based on member needs and preferences.
Encouragement: Provides precision action-based advice to support decision-making.
Engagement: Real-time sensor data enables members to observe their body’s reactions, fostering greater engagement in their health journey.
Accountability: Sensor captures real-time spikes and dips, leaving no room to hide. Members can compare results vs logged activities, fostering ownership of their actions.
Expert Care: Coaches guide members through analysis and steps for personal growth.

Real, human problems need real, human intervention.

If your employees could do it alone, they’d already be healthy. Coaches create deep relationships to ensure the program addresses the needs of each member at any time on their journey. They personalize the experience and interact with members in multiple ways to increase engagement and maximize impact.

What this means for your business

Good for your employees, good for your business.

BEATdiabetes consolidates the need for multiple programs. Your HR and Benefits Team work with a single vendor and one product for all of your employees’ health needs.

By providing employees with effective tools that continually meet their needs, employees are more likely to respect their employer. Improved satisfaction minimizes employee turnover and increases productivity.
Every individual is unique. BEATdiabetes fosters lasting results by providing relevant, science-backed content, determining barriers to change, and encouraging engagement.
Healthier employees perform better at work. With their health needs continually met, employees on BEATdiabetes can show up for work, produce quality work, and be present in mind and body.

Our members see real results.

BEATdiabetes creates lasting health changes.

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Resulting in an average healthcare cost savings of $1,500-$2,700 PMPY.
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Of enrolled members, 93% boasted a reduction or maintenance of stress levels.
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Members found it easier to cope with changes, stress, and other factors at work.

Healthier living starts now.

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