Transform your life with personal health coaching.

Discover lasting health changes through personalized guidance.

Tailored guidance available right on your phone.

Analysis of sensor wear data and delivery of practical, easy-to-comprehend insights to promote accountability and personalized assistance. Each member is matched with a personal coach who offers customized guidance via text and calls.

Qualified Health Coaches for Your Wellness Journey.

Our qualified health and wellness coaches work alongside our nutrition and behavioural change experts, registered dieticians, clinical researchers, and more. 

Be your own health expert

We believe that the best way to take that kind of control over your own health is to be informed about it. And we don’t mean knowing general principles for healthy living – we mean seeing and understanding the real day-to-day effects of your lifestyle on your body.
But it’s not realistic (or affordable) to visit your doctor every week, or to have a personal health consultant at your beck and call.

Here today, here tomorrow

It’s taken our team of scientists, clinicians, and body experts over a decade to carefully develop and test our unique health-tracking technology. Every part of the Miboko offering is underpinned by years of medical and behavioural research.
That’s why Miboko is designed to help you steadily take control of your routine and habits day by day, taking simple steps at your own pace and building towards change that lasts. Because quick fixes and health hacks aren’t our style. We know first-hand that lasting success takes time.
With Miboko you can learn how to give your body what it needs to live the life you want today and secure the health you need tomorrow.

Coaches play a vital role in member success.

BEATdiabetes helps each member where they need it most.


Offer accountability & social support: a genuine partner in each member’s journey.


Utilize sensor data to observe body responses to food and exercise, providing personalized guidance.


Tailor the curriculum by delivering relevant content at the appropriate moments.


Stay connected through texts & calls as frequently as required.


Suggest clinical care if necessary for the member.


Foster the member’s goals & identify potential obstacles to success.


Motivate the development of healthy habits.

Healthier living starts now.

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