Over a decade ago we realized that diabetes reversal had become too complex and needed an inspired, simplified solution.

So we set about inventing one.


Our studies reveal that over 30% of the average workforce are living with chronic disease, with another 35% or more at risk of developing a chronic condition during their life.

Disease prevention in place of medical treatment is the new paradigm, and our program is built with just that in mind.


We aim to deliver results, not just promises, which is why you only pay when we achieve the targeted clinical outcomes and results.

Diabetes on average costs both employers and insurers over $9,000 per year.

Savings on prescription medications alone amount to over $5,000 per year.

Digital behaviour change at scale is leading the way in diabetes management with study outcomes exceeding traditional face to face clinical programs:

Over 60% of patients achieved diabetes reversal

Over 75% of diabetes-specific medication prescriptions were eliminated

Over 85% patient retention for one year

And this is just the beginning – we’re building upon these successes and have already begun to introduce new and exciting programs.

The future of healthcare is only just getting started.


We support employers and insurers throughout the onboarding process to make it as straightforward as possible, so that all employees and insured members make the best use of our innovative and clinically proven program.

Don’t worry about logistics, we’ll take care of your employees and insurees. From making sure that they have all the patches and devices they need, to assisting them in getting the most out of the program and seeing results.
Many programs take a long time to show results, with some of those results being short-lived. BEATdiabetes works differently; with a focus on returning results quickly and permanently. Studies have shown that plan participants usually interact with their healthcare apps around 5 times per day. With our fun, easy-to-use interface and Lena avatar, we aim to increase that.
What you don’t measure, you can’t manage. That’s why we send you regular reports so that you’ll know the plan is working. The quicker the results, the greater the program ROI. Our success is your success, resulting in a healthier and better motivated population.
BEATdiabetes has been extensively tested across a range of geographies and cultures, and has been refined with precision so that it works for everyone. In our experience, provider-led campaigns enroll double the number of participants than employer-led campaigns.
BEATdiabetes complements your existing employee well-being programs, making your health plan offering more competitive and desirable, not forgetting the sense of value such an addition spreads across your organization.