BEATdiabetes means more quality time with my loved ones

BEATdiabetes means less stress about complications

BEATdiabetes is simple and fun

BEATdiabetes works!


The most advanced program is already here

Managing and reversing your diabetes shouldn’t be complicated.

BEATdiabetes is the only program in the world with its own proprietary glucose monitoring technology – discreet patches that you can wear on any day you choose, without having to puncture your skin with a sensor needle.

With over 10 years of development behind us, our team has worked hard to build a program that’s made with you in mind.


No needles

Multiple daily finger pick tests are replaced by implantable 14 day sensors. But we’ve advanced technology even further by removing the use of needles altogether. proBEAT patches sit comfortably on your upper arm and only need to be worn a few days per month to communicate directly with the app, letting you carry on with life knowing you’re in safe hands.


No data overload

The BEATdiabetes app for weight loss is built around a program that was originally developed at the Joslin Institute (an affiliate of Harvard University).

It’s scientifically designed and clinically validated, but even better: it’s easy to use and super intuitive.


No complicated instructions

We understand that you want to see progress, and quickly. That’s why BEATdiabetes doesn’t burden you with complicated plans or confusing data. Instead, we tell you exactly what you need to know to reverse your diabetes and gain better overall health, in the shortest possible time.


No waiting around for help

Our qualified team of experts are with you every step of your journey. Our avatar Lena, who uses the latest in machine learning, is on hand 24/7. Whether that’s to give you a much-needed boost when you need it, or to celebrate your successes, this is a journey you don’t have to take alone.


No complex jargon

BEATdiabetes provides you with on-the-spot-tailored feedback based on your own unique inputs. This not only gives you the full picture on your current diabetes management, but this can also be shared with your doctor or physician, so they have the information they need to adjust your medication, if and where appropriate.


We’ve even built games and videos into the app so that following your program doesn’t become a chore. Making it easy to stay fully engaged means you have the best chance to achieve the results you want.


16 Women & 8 Men
Age: 35-58
Type 1 & 2

Completed 12 / 52 Weeks
6.5% Average Weight Loss

Engagement 86%

Retention 82%

Avg. Tasks Per Day 8.1

Avg. Tasks Per Day 8.1

> 7% Weight Loss 50%

> 10% Weight Loss 5

Digital program cohorts are completing 17.1 tasks in the first four weeks and averaging 8.1 tasls from week 4 - week 12.

> 18% weight loss and reduction in A1C up to 1.4%

Exceeds USA Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

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BEATdiabetes was designed and developed in the UK by Nemaura Medical.

Nemaura Medical is a leading global diagnostic and digital health innovator with patented, world-leading technologies designed and developed to help manage and stabilize chronic disease conditions in a scalable way.

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